Lajksjö means Lajk lake

And it is awesome! You can swim in and walk around the lake. You can have a barbeque with a beautifull lake view and mountains on the background

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Forest, Forest and Forest

Lappland is a region in Schweden. There are trees everywhere and due to the cold climate the trees grown slow and have very dense wood. The quality of the wood is famous. You  will find forests from just beginning to 70-100 years old. They all have their charme. Discover yourself!

Relaxing time

You and your dogs will have a great time!  Walking in the woods,  sitting in the garden and after that you are soooooo tired. This is also a perfect place for dogs who are quickly irritated.   You and your dog will feel zen after a couple of days because of the silence, nature and good air.  

Wildlife in Lappland

In Lappland there are brown bears, elks, reindeers, foxes, eagles, but also the wolverine and lynxes. You don't need to be afraid that something will happen to you because they are shy and afraid of people and they don't live close to people.

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Sami culture

The Sami people ar the native people from the area called Lappland spread out over Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola Peninsula in Russia. Sápmi is what the Sámi call their land. In Sweden, Sápmi covers the most northern part. 
It is a nation without borders but not without a history, culture and a language, very much entwined with the reindeer.

You can visit in Dorotea and in Vilhelmina (50 km from Dorotea away) some Sami tourist shops and in Vilhelmina you can visit also reconstructed Sami houses. Dorotea means 'Kraapohke' in southern Sami. 

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